How To Integrate Trustpilot Auto Email Invitation For Service Rating At The End Of Order

How To Integrate Trustpilot Auto Email Invitation For Service Rating At The End Of Order

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is a leading customer reviews platform, offering a very powerful review tools for companies of every size to get more reviews, promote their feedback, engage with customers, and analyze the results to improve.

Keeping your customers on your site to write a review after they purchase products on your site can be better than asking them to click elsewhere.

This helpnote enables merchants to set up automated service review invitations to customers after they place or receive an order. Invite past customers to leave a review to boost review counts quickly.

The steps below will guide you on how to set up the automatic Trustpilot invitation emails:

1) Go to your Trustpilot page at:

2) Copy code there eg:

f.parentNode.insertBefore(a,f)})(window,document,'script', '', 'tp');
tp('register', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx');

Note: xxxxxxxxxxxxx is to be replaced with your integration key.

3) Open file shoppage_header.htm located in templates/default folder.

4) Locate </head> and before it, please paste the js code.

5) Save the file and upload back to your site.

6) Then back to the Trustpilot page again

Click Next button.

7) In the "Enter your domain to verify" please enter your domain eg and click Verify.

8) You do not need to continue the next stage in the page "3. Finish setting up the integration". Just leave it and do not click copy code.

9) Open file shopthanks.asp using located in the root of your VPCart site.

10) Locate this code:


11) Below that please insert this:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
const trustpilot_invitation = {
recipientEmail: '<%=rsorder("oemail")%>',
recipientName: '<%=rsorder("ofirstname")%>',
referenceId: '<%=rsorder("orderid")%>',
source: 'InvitationScript',
tp('createInvitation', trustpilot_invitation);

12) Save the file and upload to your site.

13) You are done.

After the above setup, if customers order items on your VPCart site and upon success payment and landed on shopthanks.asp, TrustPilot will add invitation queue to their system and it will sent invitation for a review email to customer 7 days after the queue record is created.

You can see the list of invitation queue records at:

After 7 days of the order, Trustpilot will automatically send an email for the customer to give a review for your service. Example below:

trustpilot invitation queue

For more details about the queued invitation email, you can refer to:

If you want the invitation email to send earlier, you can edit the date in any of the queue record you want at the page

Below is the example of the look of the Trustpilot invitation email that your customers will see:

trustpilot invitation email

Note: Please refer to our other Trustpilot helpnote below on how to insert the Trustpilot Review widget to your VPCart site. (if you already have the widget inserted before, please ignore the below):

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