How to run VP-ASP shopping cart on Microsoft Windows XP Home edition

How to run VP-ASP shopping cart on Microsoft Windows XP Home edition

If you are a Windows XP Home user you are not be able to install Microsoft Internet Information Services which is provided by Microsoft as a solution for a web server. However there is a free web server product called Abyss Web Server from Aprelium that can be used for testing VP-ASP shopping cart on your local computer which are running Microsoft Windows XP Home OS.

Before you start working with VP-ASP shopping cart on your MS Windows XP Home computer you will need:

Step 1: Setup Abyss Web Server on your local computer

1.1  Download Abyss Web Server X1 for Windows from

1.2  Install the software following its wizard;

Step 2: Adding Active Server Pages (ASP) support to Abyss Web Server

VP-ASP shopping cart is built using classic ASP technology and even though Abyss Web Server does not support it there is a free third party software called ActiveHTML from SeliSoft that can be installed on you computer to add ASP support to Abyss Web Server.

Please visit and follow carefully all instructions on that page to be able to run VP-ASP shopping cart on your local computer.

Step 3: Installing VP-ASP Shopping cart on Abyss Web Server

3.1 Locate "htdocs" folder in the folder where you installed Abyss Web Serverin.

3.2 Create "shopping" subfolder within "htdocs" folder

3.3 Extract all files from zip file with VP-ASP shopping cart files into "shopping" subfolder

Step 4: Opening VP-ASP shopping cart from a browser

Simply typehttp://localhost/shopping/in a browser URL field to open your shopping web site.

Note: The URL above will work only if you have not changed Abyss Web Server settings for http port that is used to connect to your web server. By default port 80 is used for http connection. In this case you do not need to mention the port number in the URL string.

However if you changed this default port to something different i.e. port 8000 the path to your shopping cart should be http://localhost:8000/shopping/

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