How to Send Pin Number Using SMS For your VPCart 9

How to Send Pin Number Using SMS For your VPCart 9

As you know VPCart has a feature called Pin Numbers that allows you to have a PIN number sent to your customer at the completion of their purchase.

Details at:!Documents/pinnumbers.htm

The current feature only allow you to send the Pin Number via email after a successful purchase.

You may want to also send the Pin Number using SMS to your customer's mobile phone.

We have a work around for you to use a third party app called "ClickSend" that is able to convert the Pin Number email to SMS.
ClickSend needs you to provide allowed email addresses that is able to send email to ClickSend and then ClickSend will convert it into SMS.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Register an account with

2. After registered, you can login and go to the following page:

You should see the following:

3. Click the "Manage Allowed Addresses" button as shown above. And then Click the "+ Add new Allowed Addresses" button as shown below.

4. In the Email Address field, please enter your VPCart merchant email (the one you used in your VPCart's site config xemail) and then click Save button.

5. If successfully added, you should see the email is listed in the allowed address as below:

In the above example, ClickSend will be able to read the Pin Number email sent from [email protected] and will convert any emails from this address to SMS.

6. Next, please open file shoppinnumbers.asp located in your VPCart 9 root and locate the following code (around line 226):

MailPerson toname, rsorder("oemail"), GetConfig("xemailname"), GetConfig("xemail"), subject, Merchant, "No"

7. Below it, please insert the following code:

dim emailforclicksend
dim strmobilenumber

strmobilenumber = getsess("phone")

if strmobilenumber <> "" then
emailforclicksend = strmobilenumber & ""
end if

MailPerson toname, emailforclicksend, GetConfig("xemailname"), GetConfig("xemail"), subject, Merchant, "No"

8. Save the file and upload to your site.

9. Open template file tmp_pincustomer.txt located in "templates/default/" folder and then please empty the entire template file so it has no content inside.

10. Save the file and upload back to your site.

11. Before you can test this, please make sure you already have set up Pin Number in your VPCart store.
If you have not enabled and set up the Pin Number, please refer to the following User Guide chapters:!Documents/shopconfiguration.htm

Above example means any payment using Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Paypal will allow the order to get Pin Number delivery. You can enter any valid payments you have in your site payment to receive the Pin Number delivery.!Documents/bulkdataentry.htm


Example of Pin Number Purchase

Below is a sample product that after success payment it will send PIN SMS:

During checkout, we enter a US mobile number eg 12127319863.

After success payment, you should see the msg: Pin Numbers have been e-mailed to you.

Then you can check your phone if the pin number has arrived or not.

Example of Pin number SMS you will get:


SMS content:
Pin Number Details Order Number 4: TOKEN PURCHASE TPIN Price: US$10.00 Pin Number: TOKEN000001

If you have any issues with the above, you can submit a helpdesk ticket to us at:

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