How to include UPC to Google Product Feed

How to include UPC to Google Product Feed

VP-ASP by default transmits the value of catalog ID as the UPC value when generating Google Product Feed. Recently Google announced that all products in the product feed must now use a proper and legitimate UPC. Failure to do so may cause Google to disqualify your products from being listed.

To resolve this issue, please log into the administration page -> Modules -> Google Add-Ons -> Google Product Feed

Locate the field source "UPC Field Name". This is where you set which field should hold the value of the UPC. The default value should be "catalogid" and this is what we need to change as the value of catalog id is not a valid UPC value.

We recommend that you update this to use a less commonly used field such as "Other Fields 4" which is the friendly name for the column "level4". Please update the value of "UPC Field Name" to "Level4" (without quotes).

The next step is to enter the value of the UPC on the field "Other Field 4" or "Level4" of all products. Please note there is a similarly named field "Other4" so please make sure you enter the UPC on the correct field.

Click the continue button to update the feed

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