Video tutorial - How to Setup Paypal Payments Standard in VPCart 9

Video tutorial - How to Setup Paypal Payments Standard in VPCart 9

Step 1. Firstly, Go to V P Cart administration, and go to, Modules >> Payment Solutions from the admin menu

Step 2. Click 'Configure Paypal Solutions' button

Step 3. Choose your country from the dropdown and click 'Save' button

Step 4. Click 'Configure' button against 'Paypal Payments Standard'

Step 5. To enable paypal payments standard,  Click 'Enable' icon 

Step 6. Enter the email address where you want to receive payments. You can set up the paypal account later using this email address.

Step 7. For example we can put [email protected] and click 'Save' button. 

Step 8. When you setup please use your own email address

Step 9. Customize the paypal payment page as mentioned in the steps shown, if required.

Step 10. Click 'Done'

Step 11. You can see a green colured icon for Paypal payments Standard which shows the option is enabled

Step 12. The 'pay using paypal' option will be shown on shopcheckout page, during the checkout process

Step 13. Click on the icon 'Pay using Paypal' to go to paypal login page and complete the payment process.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to Setup Paypal Payments Standard, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/paypal.htm

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