Video Tutorial - How to Setup Google Customer Reviews in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to Setup Google Customer Reviews in VPCart 9

Step 1. To set up Google review Module go to your VPCart administration menu on top and access Modules > Modules Manager

Step 2. Locate the module name “googlereview”. Click Edit button

Step 3. Select yes for dropdown "Do you want to enable google customer reviews module?"

Step 4. The instructions are shown to configure the module. To activate Google Customer Reviews from Google Merchant Center please follow

Step 5. If you never sign up for Google merchant service (eg: Google product feed), please click SIGN UP button

Step 6. If you ever subscribe for Google merchant service (eg: Google product feed), please click SIGN IN link.

Step 7. Signup or Signin with your existing (new) Google ID. After Sign up or Sign in, at Google merchant panel page, at top right, click the three vertical dots (besides mail icon)

Step 8. Select Merchant Center programs and you will be redirected to Merchant Center programs page.

Step 9. Under Customer Reviews section, please click 'ENABLE' link to enable Customer Reviews

Step 10. Check the box 'I have read and agree to this agreement'

Step 11. Click Save & Continue button

Step 12. Make sure your VPCart site is verified and claimed by your Google account in order to have Google Customer Reviews working properly.

Step 13. For this click on 'Business Information' and go to 'About your business' tab

Step 14. Enter/Modify Business display name. For example VPCart

Step 15. Under "website" enter your shop address. For example

Step 16. Click Save

Step 17. Fill up Business address and Customer Service contact details and click Save button at the bottom.

Step 18. Now go to Website link again and you can see the website url as Unverified

Step 19. Please follow the instructions in the page to complete the verification of your website url

Step 20. The page will show 'Verified', 'Claimed' message once the process is completed.

Step 21. Now go back to your VPCart admin panel and enter Google Merchant ID

Step 22. You are able to locate your Merchant ID at the top left which is under Google Merchant Center caption in Google Merchant Panel

Step 23. Where do you want the review widget to be appeared? You can choose Bottom Left or Bottom Right. For example we can select Bottom Left.

Step 24. Where do you want the review dialog to be appeared after order completed at shopthanks.asp page?

For example we can select "Displayed as a dialog box in the center of the view"

Step 25. Select the Widget default Language. For example en_US.

Step 26. Enter estimated days to ship, eg. 7 means 7 days to ship items. Then after 7 days Google will send the Survey email to the customers.

Step 27. Click Update Record

Step 28. Now go to your shop and you can see the Google review widget at the bottom left corner.

Step 29. We can order an item to view the review dialog box at shopthanks.asp page after completing the order.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to use Design Manager to change the look of your site, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/googlecustomerreviews.htm

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