Video Tutorial - How to Setup Stock Control in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to Setup Stock Control in VPCart 9

VPCART has a number of facilities related to Stock Control. The Stock Control is Disabled by default and you can see Stock as zero for the products.

Step 1. First we can see - Decrementing Stock Level. For this Go to VPCart administration : Store >> Products

Step 2. Click Edit icon against product with Catalog ID 11, for example

Step 3. Scroll down and expand Advanced Pricing and Stock Control section

Step 4. Enter Stock value. For example let's put stock as 100

Step 5. Click Update record button

Step 6. Now access Advanced settings>>Software configuration from VPCart admin menu

Step 7. In the search box type in Xstockcontrol and click search icon.

Step 8. Set Xstockcontrol: Yes. Setting this to Yes tells VPCART to adjust the stock level at end of the order.

Step 9. Click continue button

Step 10. Go back to your Shop and refresh the page. You can see the product shows Stock: 100 Now.

Step 11. Now Let's order 10 Products

Step 12. Now access the product in shop and check the stock level

Step 13. The stock is 90 now as 10 products were ordered out of 100.

Step 14. Now let us see how to Restore Stock on incomplete or cancelled orders

Step 15. For this let us take another product with Catalog ID 13

Step 16. Set stock as 100 as earlier and click update record button

Step 17. Go to your shop and order product with Quantity: 20

Step 18. Note down the Order number, which is 3

Step 19. Now refresh the product page and you can see the stock level as 80

Step 20. Now go to VPCart admin page and access store >> orders and we can cancel order number 3

Step 21. Click View icon

Step 22. Click Cancel order icon

Step 23. Verify the order number and click Cancel order button. This is just to confirm that you want to cancel the order

Step 24. You could see a message that the order is cancelled with Catalog ID number and the updated stock level

Step 25. Go back to Shop and refresh the product page and you can see the items ordered were restored to the stock.

Step 26. Stock level is back to 100 after cancelling the order.

Step 27. Now let's see xupdatestockonprocessed configuration. Setting this to Yes tells VPCART to hold off adjusting the stock level until the order is marked processed in the administration. To test the same we can order 10 items of Catalog ID 11. As you can see current stock is 90

Step 28. Note that the Order Number is 2

Step 29. Refresh the product page again and you can see the Stock is still 90.

Step 30. Now go to VPCart admin: Store >>orders. Check the box against Order Number: 2 and select 'Processed' from dropdown menu

Step 31. Click Submit

Step 32. Go back to shop and refresh the product page. You can see the stock is now 80. The stock is reduced only after the order is processed.

Step 33. Now we can see - Limiting quantity ordered.

For this search for software configuration: Xcheckstocklevel. Setting this to Yes limits the amount ordered to the current stock level.

Step 34. Select Yes and click continue button

Step 35. Go to your shop and try to order product more than the stock. Here stock is 80 and we can try ordering 90 items.

You can see Quantity Exceeds stock level message and you need to adjust the quatity to less than the stock to make order.

Step 36. Now let us see - Showing an Out of Stock Message

For this we use software configuration: Xoutofstocklimit. This is the stock level by which an out of stock or low stock message will be displayed. For example – 2.

Step 37. Click continue

Step 38. Go to VPCart admin: Store >>Products

Step 39. For Catalog ID 7 we can set stock as 1. Set Stock: 1 and click Update Record button

Step 40. Now access product with Catalog ID 7 in browser and it will show Out of stock mesage as the stock is less than Xstocklow value

Step 41. Now let's see feature- Hiding Low or Out of Stock Products

For this we use configuration: Xstocklow. This is the stock level below which products will be hidden.

Set Xstocklow value as 5 and click continue button

Step 42. Now got to the shop and try to access the product with Catalog ID 7

No products match your search message is shown as its stock is 1 which is less than Xstocklow limit 5

Step 43. Finally we can see how to view Stock Report. For this access Store >> Reports from VPCart admin menu

Step 44. Click 'Stock Report'

Step 45. You need to enter a value in the “Stock low limit for this report” field to see which products are below the stock low level you have entered For example, put 100 and click Detailed Report. It will display products with stock level 100 and below.

Step 46. Click Product Report from menu. Select a date range and click 'Detailed Report'. It will display detailed sales summary including the quantity for the period selected.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to use Design Manager to change the look of your site, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/stockcontrol.htm

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