Video Tutorial - How to Setup Quantity Discount in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to Setup Quantity Discount in VPCart 9

Quantity discount is based on purchasing a quantity of a certain product or group of products. Applying Quantity Discount is very straight forward

Step 1. For example, we add quantity 5 for the product Computer Desk that cost $100 for each item

Step 2. Click View Cart

Step 3. You can see the total amount is $500 for 5 items

Now we will apply Quantity Discount for the product Computer Desk

Step 1. For this Go to VPCart administration: Discount / Coupon Manager >> Quantity Discounts

Step 2. Click Add Record

Step 3. In this example, the Computer Desk Product is Catalogid 1, so we will enter 1 in the catalogid field

Step 4. Enter the Quantity range that will aplly for this product

Step 5. We will set quantity to range from 5 to 10, so if a customer purchases between 5 and 10 the discount will apply.

Step 6. Enter the Discount amount. Example 20 means a $20 discount. If the value is less than 1 it will be treated as a percent. For 10% enter 0.10

Step 7. Click Add a record

'Added 1' will be shown as status

You can add Discount range for higher quantities if needed

Step 8. Now, Lets order 5 Computer Desks. You will get Discount of $20 per item.

Before applying quantity discount the price per item was $100 and now it is $80. Original price shown in brackets.

Now let us take another example of same product Computer Desk with catalogid 1 and minimum quantity 10.

Step 1. For this add Quantity Discount record from VPCart administration: Discount / Coupon Manager >>Quantity Discounts

Step 3. Enter Catalogid which is 1 for Computer Desk and minquantity as 10.

10 to 20 items gets 10% discount, so enter quantity1 - 20 and discount1 - 0.1, which means 10% discount

20 to 30 items gets 20% discount, so enter quantity2 - 30 and discount2 - 0.2, which means 20% discount

Similarly 30 to 40 items gets 30% discount and more than 40 items gets 50% discount. We set the last quantity as a higher number 99999.

Step 3. Click Add a Record

Step 4. Go back to your shop and you can see a table with the price per item after discount.

Step 5. Now lets order 40 items, so as per the table the price per item is $70 (30% discount)

Step 6. You can turn On/Off Original price display by modifying sofware configuration value - xdisplayoriginalprice

Step 7. For this Go to Advaned settings >> Software Configuration

Step 8. In the search box please enter : xdisplayoriginalprice

Step 9. Click Search icon

Step 10. You can keep it as 'Yes' to display Original price and Discounted price on your shop. Otherwise set it to No.

Step 11. Click Continue

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to use Design Manager to change the look of your site, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/quantitydiscounts.htm

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