Video Tutorial - How to install a module in Module Manager in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to install a module in Module Manager in VPCart 9

Step 1. To Download a module/addon of your requirement please go to

VPCART provides a range of add-ons/Modules, which are available FREE to customers who have purchased VPCart.

Step 2. Please enter your Order Number and E-mail address in the space provided.

Step 3. Select the module/addon. For example let us download Database Migration tool module

Step 4. Click GET ADD-ON button and you will get the module in zip format to your mail.

Step 5. Unzip the Zip File received via mail on your local machine

Step 6. The unzipped files will contain a README file and the files/folders related to the module/addon.

Step 7. Open the README file in Browser to view the instructions to install the module

Step 8. Step 1 as per README is uploading the files on your local machine to your VPCart shop on your server.

Step 9. To upload files open your favourite FTP client and upload the files to your shop as in README

Step 10. We have now completed step 1 in README which is FTP upload.

Step 11. Now as shown in README, step 2 login to your VPCart admin panel. Step 12. Execute

Step 13. Click Install Now

Step 14. As in step 3 and 4 of README, Click 'Modules configuration page' to modify the module settings.

Step 15. Set Enable : Yes and click Save

Step 16. Click Back to Modules Manager button

Step 17. The Module Name: copydb900 is the Database Migration tool module

Step 18. The Green status shows module is enabled. For disabled Modules status will be Red.

If the already installed modules not working correctly you may re-setup the module from Module Manager

Step 1. For this go to VPCart administration: Modules » Modules Manager

Step 2. Already installed Modules will be listed with its Name, Description, Status etc.

Step 3. For each of the modules or gateways installed, you have the option to edit those modules/gateways settings or configurations.

Step 4. Let us re-setup cart cookies module as an example

Step 5. Click setup icon againtst 'cartcookiesdb' module

Step 6. Click Install Now

Step 7. Click Modules configuration page link to view all the related settings for the Cart Cookies addon

Step 8. Set Enable : yes

Step 9. Modify other settings if needed and click save

Step 10. Go back to Modules Manager

Step 11. You can see the status as Green once the module is enabled. The status will be Red if the module is not enabled.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to install a module in Module Manager, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/modulesmanager.htm

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