Video tutorial - How to Setup Order Tracking in VPCart 9

Video tutorial - How to Setup Order Tracking in VPCart 9

Step 1. Order tracking allows you to easily send messages about the status of orders to your customers and for your customers to contact you with questions about their order.

Step 2. To configure, go to VPCart administration: Advanced settings >> Software configuration

Step 3. Type in 'xtracking' in the search box and click search icon

Step 4. Xtracking: Setting this to Yes turns on order tracking.

Step 5.xtrackingcustomerread: If set to Yes, your customers can read tracking messages you post about their order,unless they are set to be private.

Step 6. xtrackingcustomerwrite: If set to Yes, customers can write their own tracking messages that are sent to you.

Step 7. Click 'Continue' button

Step 8. Go to VPCart administration: Store >> Orders

Step 9. To view any tracking messages left regarding a particular order, you can click the Track button next to the order

Step 10. The newly opened page allows you to write messages about the status of the order. These messages can be: 

a. Emailed to the customer automatically

b. Simply saved with the order for the customer to view

c. Saved with the order and only the merchant can view it

Step 11. Click Continue button after filling up the details.

Step 12. You can also change the status of an order here and view previously posted messages about this order.

Step 13. Login to 'Customer service' page with your customer login details

Step 14. Click 'Review previous orders' button

Step 15. If you have xtrackingcustomerwrite set to Yes in your shop configuration, your customers will be able to read and create tracking messages through the Customer Service menu.

Step 16. When the customer views the order, they will be able to see any messages you have created (that aren?t marked private) and also create their own messages which are emailed to you.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to Setup Order Tracking in VPCart 9, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/ordertracking.htm

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