Video Tutorial - How to setup Cookie Acceptance Module in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to setup Cookie Acceptance Module in VPCart 9

This module is a solution for VPCart merchants that take orders from European Union customers and looking to comply with the recent GDPR policy that requiring user consent when using cookies. This module will use Cookie Control plugin provided by

Step 1. The Cookies Acceptance settings can be located by going to your administration menu on top: Modules > Modules Manager. You can see module with name 'cookiesacceptance'

Please take note you do not need to click the Setup icon if you already have this module ready.

Step 2. Simply click the Edit icon to configure settings

Step 3. Set Do you want to enable cookies acceptance module? to yes

Step 4. To get your API Key from, please follow the instructions shown

4a. Go to URL:

4b. Scroll down and locate the DOWNLOAD button, please click on it

4c. On Section 1: Choose Community Edition

4d. On Section 2: Fill in Name, Email and enter a new Password

4e. On Section 3: Do you require subdomain support: set to No

4f. Enter your domain name. If in a sub folder or sub domain enter the full url. Eg:

4g. On Section 4: Leave as default

4h. On Section 5: Leave as default

4i. On Section 6: Leave as default

4j. On Section 7: Agree to CIVIC Terms and Conditions, set to Yes, and check I'm not a robot

4k. Click Sign up and Download button

4l. You will get the apikey from apikey column. Eg: apiKey: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', copy the text and number key without quotes

4m. You will also receive an email with the new API Key to the email address used during the sign up process.

Step 5. Go back to VPCart admin panel

Now we have completed the initial 12 instructions.

Step 6. Paste the API key in the box provided

Step 7. What is your Cookie Control edition? You can default set to Community

Step 8. Please specify your Initial state behavior: Choose either Closed or Notify (pro licenses only).

Step 9. Please choose your layout type: Choose either Slide Out or Popup

Step 10. Where to locate the Cookies Acceptance section? Choose either Left or Right.

Step 11. Please choose your theme: Choose either Light or Dark

Step 12. You may edit the Language keywords if needed or use the default settings.

Step 13. You can edit Language keywords from VPCart administration: Advanced settings >> International >>Language >>Edit Language

Step 14. Click Update Record button

Step 15. The Cookie Acceptance box will be shown in your website and you can accept the settings.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about how to use Design Manager to change the look of your site, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/cookieacceptance.htm

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