Video Tutorial - How to Change a container in Layout Manager in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to Change a container in Layout Manager in VPCart 9

The VPCart Home Page will only Display Body Center Container by default. The other pages will be having 3 column layout which includes Left Container, Body Center Container and Right Container. In VPCART, you can easily modify the containers via Layout Manager.

Step 1. For this go to VPCart administration : Website >> Layout Manager

Step 2. The cart includes several other containers like Top header upper container, Top slider banners container, footer container, copyright container ..

Step 3. For example let's turn off Copyright Container. For this just drag the on/off button against the Copyright Container to the left

Step 4. Click Save Changes button

Step 5. Go to your shop and refresh the page

Step 6. At the bottom of the page you can see that the Copyright container is not shown since it is turned off.

Now let's turn off the Right Container.

Step 1. For this Go back to Layout Manager

Step 2. Under the box CONTENT LAYOUT CMS FORM select Default and CMS Layout Edit options from dropdown and click Action button

Step 3. Set Right Column Enable: No to disable the container for desktop view.

Step 4. Click 'Save Page' and then 'Save changes' buttons

Step 5. Go back to your shop and refresh the page and you can see the that the Right Container is not shown.

Step 6. To modify Home page view you need to edit Home Layout instead of Default under CONTENT LAYOUT CMS FORM box

Step 7. You may Edit/modify the containers instead of just turning ON/OFF the container.

Step 8. For example to edit 'Top Slider Banners' Container click 'Edit' icon against it.

Step 9. From the newly opened window you can modify the settings and save the changes. Similarly you may edit other containers.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about Changing a container in Layout Manager, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/howtousethisdesignmanagerfeatureinvpcart.htm

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