Video Tutorial - How to Change the number of columns in CMS Manager in VPCart 9

Video Tutorial - How to Change the number of columns in CMS Manager in VPCart 9

The VPCart default Home page will only display Body Center Container. We can customize Home page to show Left Container and Right Container via Layout Manager in VPCart admin panel

Step 1. Login to VPCart admin and go to Website > Layout Manager

Step 2. In the box CONTENT LAYOUT CMS FORM select Home and CMS Layout Edit options from the dropdown.

Step 3. Home Layout is the default layout for Home page

Step 4. Click Action

Step 5. Enable the Left and Right containers for Desktop and mobile

Step 6. Click Save Page

Step 7. Click Save Changes

As you can see the Layout Manager now shows Blank Left and Right Containers

Go back to the website and refresh the page and it won't show the Left and Right Containers as no boxes added. Go back to Layout Manager and first we can add Box to Left Container.

Step 1. For this click on button Add Box and then click edit icon

Step 2. Let's add column category Box as an example

Step 3. Set Enable: Yes

Step 4. Share with Mobile: Yes

Step 5. Enter Label Name to Identify the Box

Step 6. Enter Seq No.- The Order in which the boxes need to be displayed on Home page if there is multiple boxes.

Step 7. Select Category Display style

Step 8. Click Save

Step 9. Click OK and then click Close

Step 10. Now we can add a box to the Right Container similarly. For example add Column News Links Box. Layout Manager now displays the preview of the Left and Right Contianers

Step 11. Go back to your website and refresh the page again and you can see the Left and Right containers on the Home Page

Instead of editing Home layout under CONTENT LAYOUT CMS FORM you can also edit the Default Layout or add new Custom Layouts

Step 1. Select Default and CMS Layout Edit from dropdown menu and click Action

Step 2. Tick the Box Set as Homepage Content and the website will load Default Layout on Home Page instead of Menu Layout

Step 3. Click Save Page and then Save Changes button

Step 4. Go back to your website and refresh the Home page. You can see the Boxes in Default layout shown in Left and Right containers.

For Menu Layout we need to add each Box manually. In Default Layout there will be several Boxes by default in Left and Right Containers

We can hide the boxes which are not needed by editing that particular box via Layout Manager.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about Changing the number of columns in CMS Manager, you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at!Documents/layoutmanager.htm

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