Video Tutorial - Upgrade to VPCart 9 (Web Server)

Video Tutorial - Upgrade to VPCart 9 (Web Server)

This video tutorial will walk you through how to Upgrade to VPCart 9 (Web Server)

This video is for customers who are upgrading from an earlier version of VPCart to VPCart 9.00.

If you are a new customer using VPCart Shopping Cart for the first time, then please refer to our Quickstart Guide for detailed installation instructions.

Web version:

The upgrade to VPCart 9.00 involves a number of steps, some of which are done automatically and others need to be done manually by following the steps in the next screen.

Note: Once you have completed upgrading your database to VPCart 9.00, you will not be able to use your old admin with a store running 8.00 or earlier VPCart versions.

So if you have multiple sites running from one database, then you will need to ensure all sites are managed using a VPCart 9.00 admin.

Step 1. Download upgrade from our website.

First, please visit our upgrade center by going to:

Then enter your Order ID and email address and click the "Continue" button.

Your upgrade options will then be evaluated and you will be presented with a selection of options.

If you are upgrading to the same package as you originally purchased, and your order is less than 12 months old, you will be able to upgrade for free.

Otherwise, if you are outside of your 12-month upgrade period or you wish to upgrade to a higher package, then the cost of your upgrade will be calculated and you will be able to purchase the upgrade through our regular checkout process.

Once your order has been received and processed by the VPCart Administration Team, you will receive an email with your new files.

Step 2. Install VPCart 9.00 files

First, unzip the VPCart 9.00 files using a ZIP utility, such as WinZip or WinRAR.

Note: We recommend that you make a copy or backup of your existing file and database before completing the upgrade.

To begin your upgrade process, you need to copy the VPCart 9.00 files into your existing VPCart site.

If your old version of VPCart does not have any customizations, you can just overwrite the previous file versions. If in case your old version of VPCart contains customization in some VPCart files, you need to manually insert the customization codes into the VPCart 9.00 files.

To check the VPCart 9.00 files against your previous customized VPCart version, you can use a program called WinMerge available as a free download from:

The VPCart upgrade process does not alter your data in any way. However, it is best to always back up your database before completing any major changes to your site in case something goes wrong and you need to reverse your changes.

Step 3. FTP to your webserver using software like FileZilla FTP Client and download your existing shop$config.asp in config directory into the "Upgrade" folder on local PC

Step 4. Upload the VPCart 9.00 files into your existing VPCart site through FTP.

Step 5. Run the Upgrade Wizard

Open your browser and enter the URL of your site

Please click the "Upgrading" button.

Once you have read the page, click the button at the bottom.

Click the "Check your folder permissions" button.

If all required folders have a "Pass" status, then you can click the "Continue" button.

The next step is to connect to your database.

This step will basically retrieve your existing database for your new VPCart 9.00 site.

You need to ensure that you have placed your original shop$config.asp file from your current site into the Upgrade folder.

Please click "Retrieve Database Information."

VPCart will then automatically populate the database fields with the connection settings from your existing site.

Click "Check Database" once you are ready to check if your database is connected or not.

If the db is connected successfully, the "Continue To Setup Database Structure" button will appear and you can click to proceed to the next step.

Click "Upgrade" to start the process.

Afterwards, the "Continue" button will appear and you can click it to proceed to the next step

In this step, you need to enter your "existing Admin User Name" and you also need to enter a "New Second Password."

VPCart needs to retrieve your existing Admin user Name to give full privileges to access Administration.

The New Second Password must contain alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) characters. This will ensure the security of your VPCart 9.00 administration.

If the details you have entered are valid, the "Update Admin Information" button will appear. Click the button to proceed to the next step.

This step will rename your existing Admin Page to the file name you specified.

Please enter a new name for your Admin Page and make sure the page name is not a common name.

Please enter a new name for your Admin Page and make sure the page name is not a common name.

You can create the page name with a combination of alphanumeric characters (e.g. shop$adminv9)

In this step, you need to enter all of the cart details for your VPCart 9.00 site.

Click "Update Cart Details" then click the "Continue " button to proceed to the next step.

Update your Country, tax, language, currency, and currency symbol. After done, click "Update locality Settings" button.

This step will register your purchase of VPCart 9.00 as well as your information details.

Thank you for watching and we hope you have found this tutorial useful.

User Manual Reference

For more information about Upgrade to VPCart 9 (Web Server), you can also refer to our VPCart 9 User Guide at

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