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VPCart Video Tutorial - How to Change the Default Text in Your Store

VPCart Video Tutorial - How to Change the Default Text in Your Store

It is possible to change the default text in VPCart. For example, you can change the field names on the checkout and page headers. Almost any text that you see on your store can be changed.

In this video tutorial, we'll show you how it’s done using your Contact Us page as an example:

Step 1. Log in to your Admin and go to Advanced Settings > International via the top menu

Step 2. Click the 'Language' tab

Step 3. Click 'Edit Language'

Step 4. Set the 'Selection Criteria' field to 'Caption - Contains' and type 'Please leave us a message' in the empty field

Step 5. Set the 'Language' field to 'English' and click 'Display'

Step 6. Click the edit icon on the right

Step 7. Change the text in the caption field to your preferred text and click ‘Update Record’ when you’ve finished

Step 8. Next, we need to reset the language to apply the changes

Step 9. Go to Advanced Settings > International and click the Language tab

Step 10. Click 'Reset Language'

Step 11. Set 'Language' field to 'English' and click'Continue'

Step 12. Go to your 'Contact Us' page and refresh to see the changes

User Manual Reference

For more information, you can refer to User Manual chapter 12.1.3. Changing language values.

VPCart 8.00 User Manual can be found at:

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