Adding A Record For Domains with WWW Redirections

Adding A Record For Domains with WWW Redirections

Normally, if you have set a redirect instruction for your site to keep redirecting to any non www to a www version of your domain via your domain registrar, web hosting panel, or via web.config file and if you do not have an A record set up for the www version of your domain ; you ought to have issues while trying to load your website.


If you are having a tough time trying to load your site even after updating the domain's name servers at your domain registrars. There is a DNS checking tool that we can use to analyze what went wrong with the site's settings. For this, you may use IntoDNS by simply entering your domain name or by going directly to[enter your domain's url here]


If you run that tool, it will tell you what is wrong with your DNS setup. For an example, if it comes back with the following result :  

WWW A Record  ERROR: I could not get any A records for!

The above error/warning means that you haven’t set an A record for via your domain's registrar ; you only have an A record for non www version of your site (


Therefore, in order to resolve the issue, you will have to do the following :


a) Create an A record for


b) Create a cName record that should be pointed to


Once the above have been set up properly at your domain's registrar, this should resolve the issue after the A record / cName has been fully propagated. Kindly, please try loading your site after clearing your browser's browsing data.


Thank you.

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