How to run multiple sites on the one database in VPASP 7.0

How to run multiple sites on the one database in VPASP 7.0

If you are using VPCart 9.xx, please follow our User Guide chapter below:!Documents/runtwoormoreshopsofftheonedatabaseproductmatching.htm

If you are using VPCart 8.xx, please jump to this helpnote :

Using VPCart 7 you can run different templates and also display different home pages for each site running off the one database.

Step 1.
First please ensure you have upgraded to the latest version 7.xx Pac:

Step 2.
Next I went through the Install Wizard and set up one site and formatted the layout and made whatever config settings changes necessary for the operation of the store.

The most important is ensuring "xproductmatch" in the online Software Configuration is set to Yes.

When going through the Install Wizard I set the XSHOPID name to "vpaspstore1" without the quotes.

Step 3.
Open shop$config.asp and ensure the following settings are configured as I have them below:

xshopid = "vpaspstore1"
xproductmatch = "vpaspstore1"
const xconfigtable="configuration"

Please note you need to update the shop$config.asp file in 2 locations. The first is in the main /CONFIG folder and the second shop$config.asp controls the admin and is located in the /ADMIN/CONFIG/ folder.

Step 4.
Upload a default version of VPASP 7.0 to the second domain. Do NOT go through the Install Wizard or Upgrade Wizard.

Step 5.
Take a copy of shop$config.asp from your first live store and open and make the following changes:

xshopid = "vpaspstore2"
xproductmatch = "vpaspstore2"
const xconfigtable="configuration1"

Save your changes and upload to the 2 CONFIG folder locations in the second store.

Both sites are now accessing the one database.

Step 6.
Log into the vpaspstore2 admin and go to the online Software Configuration section.

The page name in the browser address bar is:


Change this to:


Leave the options as default and click Continue.

This makes a copy of the main configuration table for the second site and allows you to have each site running independently each with its own settings.

Step 7.
You can now start creating unique content, products and categories for each site.

The way the system works is:

a). If a product record has an entry in the Product Match field it will only show in the relevant site
b). If a product record has NO entry in the Product match field it will show in all sites.
c). If you have multiple entries in the Product Match field such as vpaspstore1,vpaspstore2 it will show in both of the referenced sites.

You can do the same with the content and categories as well.

Step 8.
Log into the admin and go to Store > Page Manager.

Click on your Home record.

Make what changes you need to, upload a new image etc and then in the Match Product field enter vpaspstore2.

Ensure Use as Home Page is Yes and click Update Record.

You now have a unique home page for each site.

Step 8.
This next step is a bit more involved. We want to now add the Containers in the Layout Manager.

Using Product Matching you can have different Containers on each site to give a completely unique look.

You can even use different templates although to change the template you need to log into the relevant store admin and make the change. You cannot change the templates for sites unless you are logged into the relevant admin for that site.

Navigate toWebsite > Layout Manager.

From the Store section select from the drop down the site you want to update the look of.

Now add the containers as needed.

The best way to get a feel for this feature is to have a play with a couple of test stores so you can get a good understanding of all of the different options.

Good luck!

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