How to Re-send Invoices and Digital Downloads in VPCart 9

How to Re-send Invoices and Digital Downloads in VPCart 9

This tutorial will show you on how to resend Invoices and Digital downloads in VPCart 9 Store system.

To resend invoice/order notification email, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your vpcart admin panel

2. Go to Store > Orders to go to order history page

3. In order history page, click on 'Re-mail' icon against the order you want to resend.

4. This will bring up a form that allows you to specify who you want to email and what you want to send.

Email: This is the email address you are sending to.

Name: Name of the person you are sending the email to.

Subject: The subject line for your email.

Order Number: The order ID.

Options: Choose 'Resend order confirmation mail' to just send the invoice mail. 

Choose 'Resend file' option if you want to add an attachment to your email. Enter the full path to the filename here. For example,C:\inetpub\wwwroot\vpasp\downloads\

Template: The template to use to format the email.

5. Click 'Send mail now' button and the customer will receive the order notification mail.

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