Setup Automatic Google Sitemap Generation Using Plesk

Setup Automatic Google Sitemap Generation Using Plesk

With existing VPCart Google Site Map feature, you can generate a sitemap file and submit the sitemap URL to Google to allow Google to crawl your site's information.

This existing feature will need merchant to frequently generate sitemap from admin to make sure the sitemap file is always up-to-date with any latest products / categories / content / blogs / news.

You may want an automatic way to generate this sitemap and we have a way to do this by using Plesk scheduled task.

Please follow the below steps:

1) Download your file shopgooglesitemapscreate.asp located in your admin folder.

2) Once downloaded in your local, please rename the file to a new file eg shopgooglesitemapscreate_pleskdaily.asp

3) Open the new file shopgooglesitemapscreate_pleskdaily.asp using notepad or text editor.

4) Locate this code (around line 17):

ShopCheckAdmin "shopgooglesitemapscreate.asp"

5) Please comment it by adding ' in front of the code eg:

'ShopCheckAdmin "shopgooglesitemapscreate.asp"

6) Locate this code (around line 53):


7) Please comment it by adding ' in front of the code eg:


8) Locate this code (around line 64):


9) Please comment it by adding ' in front of the code eg:


10) Save the file and upload this new file shopgooglesitemapscreate_pleskdaily.asp to admin folder.

11) Login to your Plesk panel.

12) In the right panel, click "Scheduled Tasks".

13) Click Add Task button.

14) Enter the following value:
- In the "Task Type", please select "Fetch a URL"

- In the "URL", enter the URL of your new file that we created on step 3 eg

- In the "Run" choose the frequency of the sitemap generation (Daily/Weekly/Monthly), we will recommend you to choose Daily if your site is frequently updated with new information for products, blogs etc..
You can also setup daily time to run this eg 06.00 means to run daily at 6AM.

- In the "Description" just enter a name for the schedule task eg Google SiteMap

15) Click OK button.

16) You should see the schedule is listed now and Plesk will automatically run your Google Sitemap generation on your scheduled period.

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