Alternative Live Chat Application For Your VPCart Site

Alternative Live Chat Application For Your VPCart Site

If you are looking for a Live Chat application for your VPCart site, we have a current existing module called "Comm100 Live Chat" which you can download at:

However, if you already try the Comm100 live chat and still want to check for the other Live Chat applications, then here are the list for you:

1) MyLiveChat -

2) Purechat -

3) Proprofs -

There could be a lot more products than the ones listed above, but at least these three seemed like they would be Ok.

And from the three alternative apps above, MyLiveChat seems to be the better one. The install was flawless and the whole thing was a pretty painless experience.

Here are the steps to install MyLiveChat for your VPCart site:

1) Go to and click Register.

2) Enter your details and click Sign Up button.

3) You will see the snippet code. Please copy the code there.

4) Login to your VPCart administration : Website > Layout Manager.

5) In the left container, scroll to bottom and click Add Box.

6) Click Edit in the new Empty box.

7) Select Column Free Text in the Main selection.

8) Enter the fields below:

Enable : Yes
Share with Mobile : Yes
Label Name : Leave empty
Seq No. : Any number eg 09
Display with Box : No
Display Text : Paste your MyLiveChat snippet code here.
Show in SSL? : Yes

9) Click Save Changes.

10) Go to front store and you should see the live chat button showing.

Happy Selling!

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