How to Handle 404 Error and 400 Error For Your VPCart SEO Dynamic Module

How to Handle 404 Error and 400 Error For Your VPCart SEO Dynamic Module

404 Page Not Found Error

If you are using VPCart SEO Dynamic and if your search engine (eg Google Webmaster Search Console) show a report about your product links issue, related to 404 or Soft 404 error pages, there is a way you can check for the fix.

You may have setup SEO product URLs generated by VPCart SEO dynamic, and some of the products later are deleted by you because no longer available for sale.
Google or other search engine will then return the 404 or Soft 404 error for those deleted products URLs.

In Google search engine, this is mostly known as Google Search Console Index Coverage Issue.

You may experience this if you are using SEO dynamic on older v8 and v7 site.
For site using v9, the issue above already been fixed in default code.

For v8 and v7 site, you can try to avoid the above 404 or Soft 404 error by following the below solution :

1. Open file shop$db.asp using notepad or text editor.

2. Locate this code inside "sub redirecttoseoinvalidpage" :

responseredirect xmysite &"/shopseoinvalid.asp"

3. Please replace with :

Response.AddHeader "Location", xmysite &"/shopseoinvalid.asp"

4. Save the file and upload back to your site.

After the fix, you will need to wait for Google or other search engine to crawl the latest links.

400 Bad Request Error

If your search engines report showing you have 400 Bad Request error in your site pages, one of possible cause you may have incorrect URL links somewhere in your VPCart site.

To fix such case, you will need to check all the menu links of your VPCart site eg top navigation links, footer links, content pages etc.. make sure all the links are clickable and able to load the page well.

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