How To Increase Traffic and Improve Your Site Ranking (SEO)

How To Increase Traffic and Improve Your Site Ranking (SEO)

There are few things and suggestions you can try to improve your site ranking and increase traffic :

1. Please make sure you have turned on your VPCart SEO module.

You can refer to the below helpnote :

Note : For v7 and v8 enabling SEO dynamic is same.

2. Make sure you already submitted your sitemap to Google and Bing as they are major search engine currently.
Please refer to below helpnote on how to submit for both :

3. Create promotional campaign or products sale and send newsletter or email about the info to your existing customers so that they will come to your site and this will make the traffic boosted.

4. Write more contents or blogs regularly in your site to gain more traffic.

5. Share your site and contents urls or any products urls in your social media eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.., so that more people will come to your site and create more traffic.

6. Using Google Adwords to campaign and boost up sales. However take note this is paid ads.

For 1) and 2) are most important factors you should follow.
For 3) until 6) are optional and you can choose the ones suit your liking.

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