How to Add Subdomain Name in Plesk

How to Add Subdomain Name in Plesk

Subdomains can not be separated from the domain, because subdomains are part of the domain and subdomains are usually used as a division of the area of a site or website.

Examples for the main domain are "" and separately the subdomain is "".

The example concludes that the subdomain is part of the parent domain, and is in front of the domain and separated by dots.

So the word "my" in "" is a subdomain and "" is the parent or domain.

At this time we will show you how to easily create subdomains using Plesk.

    1. Login to Plesk
    2. Go to Websites & Domains
    3. Click Add Subdomain
    4. In the subdomain field, type the name of subdomain that you want to added. eg; "my"
    5. In the document root field, type the location of the directories where the subdomain files need to be placed. eg; /httpdocs/my/
    6. Click "OK"

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