Configuring your Email system

Configuring your Email system

E-mail needs to be configured by specifying a few settings in the VP-ASP configuration. You can do this by entering the VPASP merchant administration and finding these settings under the Advanced Settings > Software Configuration > Site Details category.

The information that needs to be configured is:

xemail[email protected]
The merchant e-mail address

xemailname=Merchant name
The name of your store, this will be displayed in the 'From' part of the sent email.

xemailsubject=Shopping Cart Order
Subject of confirmation e-mail, this is the text that will be displayed in the subject line of the email
Your web host's e-mail system.There is no standard naming for your e-mail system. It could be
The easiest way to find this information is to check with your NT/Windows administrator or web hosting company.
Note : If you are a VP-ASP hosting customer, you can enter value for xemailsystem as : localhost.

This is the type of email object used by your server. If you are unsure then contact your web hosting company to obtain this information.
Standard VPASP mailing interfaces include; CDONTS, ASPMAIL, ASPEMAIL, JMAIL, OCXMAIL, CDOSYS
Note : If you are a VP-ASP hosting customer, you can enter value for xemailtype as : CDOSYS.

Other ASP Interfaces
Other e-mail interfaces that are compatible with Active Server Page programs may be integrated into VP-ASP. They must be able to be called from an Active Server Page program. Normally this means that are implemented with a DLL and have a COM interface. VP-ASP cannot run EXE files.

If you want us to help integrate another interface besides these, then provide us with a working sample of Active Server Page code that works with your e-mail program.

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