Certain Email Domain Account Is Unable to Receive Merchant Notification Email

Certain Email Domain Account Is Unable to Receive Merchant Notification Email

NOTE : This is only for those merchants that use Mailenable as mail connector.

You as the merchant could sometimes find out that your merchant email that use a domain based email eg [email protected] is no longer receiving merchant notification email when customers complete their orders on your VPCart site, but your customers are able to get the orders email.

Please check first in your admin config for the xemailmerchant, this must be set to Yes.
If your xemailmerchant is already Yes, there could be other possible cause.

You can try to test with your config xemail, to use other email account from the same domain eg [email protected] or any other account you have.
Then try to test checkout in your site until it reach shopthanks.asp and check the [email protected] to see if you get the merchant email.

If the other email account eg [email protected] able to receive the merchant notification email, but [email protected] never get the merchant email, then that is the issue with the [email protected] account itself.

With this case, you can ask the webhost to check from the Mailenable logs. Case like this, usually in logs file will display error like eg :
550 A user policy is preventing you from sending e-mail to this address. Please contact your e-mail administrator.

If your webhost confirm the error above, then you can fix yourself with this.

Very simple fix, please follow these steps :

1. Login to your webmail eg http://webmail.example.com

2. Click Options icon in the top menu.

3. In the left bar, Locate Mail and click the arrow down to expand sub menus.

4. Click Blacklist.

5. If you see your own email account is inside the "Sender/Domain" box, then click Remove.

6. Click Save.

After that, your email account [email protected] should be able to get merchant notification emails.

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