Page hanging (Norton)

Page hanging (Norton)

PROBLEM: The page is hanging whenever i try to run VPASP. It is also creating an .ldb file which cannot be deleted.

There is a known problem with Norton Anti Virus installed and trying to read files. Norton AntIvirus will cause reading files to "hang" your system.

Please see this Microsoft Knowledgebase Article

This is taken from the microsoft site:


When you browse an Active Server Pages (ASP) page that contains FileSystemObject calls, the request for that page stops responding (hangs) and eventually times out in the browser.


This problem occurs because the Script Blocking feature in Norton AntiVirus software blocks scripting operations that access the file system, such as FileSystemObject . Although this problem is prevalent in Active Server Pages (ASP) Web applications, it can also occur in other technologies, such as Windows Scripting.

NOTE: This problem occurs even if Norton AntiVirus has been disabled.


To resolve this problem, contact Norton AntiVirus Software Support. The following Symantec Web site describes how to remove the Script Blocking feature:

NOTE : You may have to reboot the server after you make the above-mentioned changes to the Norton AntiVirus software.

The third-party contact information included in this article is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Microsoft in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information.
From the Norton site: Situation:
You want to disable Norton AntiVirus Script Blocking.

To disable Norton AntiVirus 2001 Script Blocking:

    1. Start Norton AntiVirus.
    2. Click Options. If a menu appears when you click Options, then click Norton AntiVirus. The Options for Norton AntiVirus dialog box appears.
    3. Click Script Blocking.
    4. Uncheck "Enable Script Blocking (recommended)."
    5. Click OK.

To disable Mc Afee Script Blocking:

  1. Start Mc Afee Anti Virus
  2. Goto Mc Afee ->Configure ->ActiveShield ->Advanced ->Exploits
  3. Uncheck 'Enable ScriptStopper'

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