Setting Up XP Professional

Setting Up XP Professional

There are two steps in setting up Windows XP Professional after you have unzipped VP-ASP software into some directory.

  1. Make sure the directories below have the correct read/write permissions :
    - admin (required)
    - admin/config (required)
    - config (required)
    - database (required)
    - installation (required)
    - admin/export (optional)
    - admin/import (optional)
    - html (optional)
    - images (optional)
    - stylesheets (optional)
    - templates (optional)
    - upload (optional)
  2. Updating VP-ASP Configuration file shop$config.asp located in the folder "config" and "admin/config".

Setting Up Folder Permission

1. Right click on the directories mentioned above.

2. Click on 'Properties'.

3. Choose the 'Security' tab in the dialog box window.
Note :
If you're running XP Pro, you must open Windows Explorer, go to Tools, Folder Options, View and uncheck Use Simple File Sharing.

If you're running XP Home, Simple File Sharing is enforced by default and cannot be disabled. You must boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in with the Administrator account, in order to see the Security tab.

4. Uncheck the 'Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate to this object' from the bottom of the dialog box.

5. Then click on the 'Add' button at the top left of the window.

6. Next the 'Select Users or Groups' dialog box will open, please highlight 'IUSR_MyComputer' account from the list by clicking on it.
'MyComputer' will be the name of your computer.
'IUSER' is the Internet Guest Account setup by default when IIS is installed on the operating system.

If the IUSR_MyComputer already exist in the bottom of selected user, then you can skip to step 10.

7. Next click on the 'Add' button in the middle left of the dialog box. You will then see 'MyComputer\IUSER_MyComputer' appear in the box in the bottom half of the dialog box. Note:
'MyComputer' will be the name of your computer.

9. Next click on the 'OK' button at the bottom right of the 'Select Users or Groups' dialog box.

10. You should now be back at the 'Security Properties' dialog box where the top box should now contain the 'Internet Guest Account (MyComputer\IUSER_MyComputer)'.

11. Highlight the 'Internet Guest Account (MyComputer\IUSER_MyComputer)' by clicking on it in the top box.

12. Select 'Read' and 'Write' permissions for the account by checking the boxes at the bottom of the window. (you can check all the boxes to make sure that you have no problems with permissions).

13. Next repeat all the steps above on the other directories so that they are all have the correct read/write permissions.

Possible Errors

When you are attempting to browse a Web page, the following error is displayed:
You are not authorized to view this page
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials you supplied.

HTTP 401.2 - Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration
Internet Information Services

Click here for a solution
or see;en-us;Q253667

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