Free Shipping with Coupons

Free Shipping with Coupons

Want to offer a special deal for free shipping to select customers??? By default, you can't create a coupon that will automatically set the shipping to be free. However, it can be achieved with a minor modification.

Please follow the steps below :

1) You will need to create a new coupon. Let's call the coupon "FREESHIPPING" and make sure that the couponamount is 0.

2) The next step is to open up shopshippingcalc.asp with a text editor.
3) Locate the code below (around line 49):

SetSess "shipcountry", strshipcountry
Setsess "shipmessage",""

Modify it to :

SetSess "shipcountry", strshipcountry
Setsess "shipmessage",""

if getsess("coupon") = "FREESHIPPING" then
setsess "smprice" ,0
setsess "shipmethod", "Free (Coupon)"
exit sub
end if

4) Save and close the file.

Please note if you are using another coupon name , you will need to change "FREESHIPPING" with the coupon name on the code above.

If you have installed OnePage Checkout, then the correct file that needed to be modified is shoponepageajaxshippingupdate.asp

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