Antivirus blocks websites with Trojan warning- found

Antivirus blocks websites with Trojan warning- found

If you notice a warning by Antivirus saying that the access to website is denied as it contains trojan For example see the warning by Kaspersky Antivirus.

Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Login to VPCart admin panel.

2. Go to 'website' >> 'Layout manager' from the Top menu.

3. Scroll down the page unto you see section 'Footer container'.

4. Click 'Edit' button for the container marked as 'Footer Free Text Container' and check for any Javascript entry with name For example.

5. Remove the script entry and click 'Save button.

6. Please ensure to check all the 'Footer Free Text Containers' in footer section and repeat the process.

7. Clear the browser cache and check the website again.

8. To improve security please apply the bug fix. Check your website for file named shop_load_number_subcat.asp and replace it with the attached file.


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