Cookie Compliance Code for EU Law

Cookie Compliance Code for EU Law

To create a cookie widget on your store that complies with UK & EU law, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the following page:
  2. Start the generate code process by clicking the Configure button on FREE plan section.
  3. Save the code under Collect Your Code section in a text file (eg. cookie-code.txt).
  4. Download the cookie control script (cookieControl-6.2.min.js) under Step 3 to your computer.
  5. Upload the above script to your site (eg. under httpdocs folder).
  6. Open cookie-code.txt file and modify the following code:


  7. Change the above to the path of your uploaded cookieControl-6.2.min.js file.
  8. Save cookie-code.txt file.
  9. Download and open ppage_header.htm on your store using a text editor.
  10. Locate the following code:


  11. Add the code in cookie-code.txt directly under above code.
  12. Save the file and upload to your store.
  13. Please check the changes by visiting your store.

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