How To Change Customers Way Of Login To Use Password Instead Of Last Name

How To Change Customers Way Of Login To Use Password Instead Of Last Name

If your current VPCart site is using Last name and Email for customers to log in and you wish to change the method to use Email and Password instead, that is possible in VPCart.

There is a configuration that allow you to set this in your administration:
Advanced Settings > Software Configuration > then search for: xpassword

You will need to set this xpassword to Yes.

However, please take important note that after you set xpassword to Yes from the backend, then all your customers will need to enter their Email and Password to log in.
Their password in this current stage is empty so they absolutely cannot log in.

Since the password is empty so they cannot do the login, they then need to click the "Forgot your password?" link that will take them to Forgot password page.

They need to enter their Last Name and Email and then VPCart will send them an email to reset their password.

They will need to check their email and click the link to reset.

After clicked, VPCart will then take them to the reset password page, and customers enter their new password.

VPCart will then store the password in the your site database.

Then customers able to log in using the email and new password.

The above steps will be required to all of your customers when you set xpassword to Yes.

So it is important that you will need to explain this to your customers the above steps, may be by creating a content page for the required steps so that they know what to do after your VPCart site has been set to use Password to log in.

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